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Window Treatment Design Elements for Your Nursery

When you imagine designing a nursery for your little one, painting the walls and choosing the right furniture are probably the first big projects that come to mind. While these add personality and charm to the room, window treatments can pull the entire look together! From Venetians blinds, curtains, or rollers, there are so many beautiful options. Consider the following design elements and tips when choosing your nursery window treatments.

Introduce Patterns

A patterned fabric adds a cozy touch to nursery windows and helps keep the sunlight out during baby’s naps. Your curtain pattern can complement or even match other aspects of the nursery, such as bedding, accent pillows, or a small rug. This helps keep the theme cohesive and allows you to get creative when choosing a pattern.

Fabric Valance

If you opt for window blinds instead of curtains, use a fabric valance to soften their appearance. Valances also add more color and texture to your designs while helping to maintain baby’s safety. For a slightly modern touch, you could construct a cornice box then cover it with fabric. A fancy tiara finish on these boxes will crown the window treatments. If baby has a difficult time falling asleep, use filtering liners to block out natural light to create a healthy sleep environment.

Use Roller Shades

Are you working on a tight budget? Roller shades can be a less expensive alternative to blinds. They also offer lots of cheerful sunlight. To add a pop of color, attach a decorative piece of fabric to the front. Cordless roller shades let you choose from different shades in classic, fashionable colors like ivory, ash, or silver. If you want a more feminine touch, choose soft shades in vanilla, honey, or white. These colors blend well with the shades’ earthy bamboo look.

Prioritize Safety

Safety should be the number one feature for all design elements of the nursery. Fix all the curtain hardware to a wall stud to help reduce the chance of injury. You can also use drywall anchors to secure the blind casings and curtain rods to help ensure that they don’t fall. Avoid spring-loaded tension rods, which may collapse and fall if your little one pulls on the curtain panel. Don’t go overboard with embellishments—curtains with beadings or cording can cause a choking hazard.

Designing your nursery for your little one is such an exciting time—and we’d be happy to help! Rudolph’s Interiors has been providing premium window coverings to San Mateo, CA residents since 1952. Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation.


03/03/2022 by Pro shades SD

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06/01/2022 by Anna Collins

We recently renovated one of our guest rooms into a nursery for my sister's newborn baby. It's great that you talked about how it would be good to attach a decorative piece of fabric to the front of your roller shades to add a pop of color that can liven up the nursery's atmosphere. I'll be sure to remember this while I look for roller blinds to use for the nursery.

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