Roman Shades in San Mateo, CA

Roman shades give you the style of curtains and the functionality of blinds all in one. They allow you to control the amount of sun you let in throughout the day, with nearly endless options for fabrics, colors, and styles. Our team at Rudolph’s Interiors can help you design and install the perfect roman shades to fit the aesthetic of your home.

The Benefits of Roman Shades

An all-in-one solution for window coverings, it’s easy to see why roman shades are such a popular option for homeowners. In addition to their versatility, roman shades offer quite a few other benefits.

  • Energy-efficient: Choosing a heavier insulated fabric for the shades will help block the sun during our California summers and lock in heat when closed during the winter.
  • Customizable: Different styles will help create a completely unique look for your home. Choose from a variety of pleat styles, fabric weights, and options with either dowel rods or cords to raise and lower the curtains.
  • Private: Since the entire window covering is made from one continuous piece of fabric, you can completely block the window as desired. We usually recommend roman shades as a stylish and private solution for front entryways and living room spaces.
  • Decorative: In addition to the stylish look of the shades, this selection also helps show off the architectural features of your home. If you have beautiful crown molding or window frames, we can mount them on the inside of the window so you don’t hide these assets.

Style Choices for Roman Shades

In addition to the endless colors and patterns, we can also help you choose the right pleating style for your shades. You can choose a flat style that is simple and timeless, or opt for the more ornate butterfly style that gathers on either side of the window to create a beautiful effect as you cinch the blinds. Other options include hobbled shades that loop multiple times down the length of the window and relaxed styles that don’t use a dowel rod, allowing the fabric to gather naturally as you raise the blinds.

We know you have many options when it comes to selecting the right window coverings for your home. When you choose Rudolph’s Interiors, you get the expertise of our tenured staff, with many team members who have been with us for more than 25 years. Once we design and install your perfect roman shades, we’ll provide a one-year warranty on the installation and even offer cleaning services to help protect your investment. Schedule an appointment with us today.